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Terms & Conditions.

Reservation agreements

The company (Bravo's Limousine LLC and its subcontractors) undertakes to provide service as agreed, but cannot be held liable for circumstances beyond its control which may prevent it from doing so, such as changes in flight scheduling, arrival or departure changes, traffic congestion, hazardous weather conditions, police or security operations, etc.

Bravo's Limousine monitors all commercial flights and will adjust your pickup time accordingly, to the best of our ability.  

The company undertakes to provide service as agreed upon at the time of booking. The company will make every effort to accommodate revised pickup or drop-off instructions, but its inability to do so will not affect the validity of the original contract.

The company is not liable in the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident, but will make all efforts within its power to dispatch another vehicle to complete the agreed-upon trip in a timely fashion.

Passengers' property is carried at their own risk, and the company bears no liability for loss or damage.

Charges and Fees.

Charges include mileage, tolls, service charge, fuel, and gratuity. Charges do not include parking and waiting time to exceed 15 minutes at home or office pickup point, and one hour at airport pickup point, beginning with gate arrival time for commercial flights. Bravo's Limousine does not track trains, buses, private aviation or charter flights for arrival times. Waiting time in excess of the above limits will be charged at a rate of $18.75 per 15-minute bloc. Additional stops or alteration of the route will warrant additional charges to be determined by the company. All deposits are non-refundable. Rates quoted are for a one-way trip.

The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine or other vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by the client or any members of the client's party. The client is responsible for any damages and/or cleaning charges incurred by the client or member of the client's party, including, but not limited to: vomit/sickness ($250), spillage of food or drink ($250), burns ($500 replacement/repair), rips or tears ($500 replacement/repair).

Alcohol consumption and use of illicit drugs within the vehicle is prohibited by law, The driver has the right to terminate the trip without refund as a result of abusive, inappropriate or violent behavior or sexual indiscretion on the part of client or any member of the client's party.  Smoking or other uses of tobacco or tobacco products are not permitted in vehicles. It is illegal to stand through the sunroof. Any fines levied by authorities as a result of client actions or behavior are the responsibility of the client.

Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity, nor can materials deemed hazardous by the driver be carried in the vehicle.

No-Show, Cancellation Charges.

Cancellations must be made at least one hour before scheduled pickup time within Fairfield County, two hours before scheduled pickup time at New York area airports, and 24 hours before scheduled pickup time at airports outside the continental United States. In the event of cancellations being made closer to scheduled pickup times, the client is liable for the full agreed-upon trip charge.

Continuing with the reservation and using the service provided constitutes acceptance of the above conditions as part of the reservation agreement.

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