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Affiliate Reservation.

Bravo's Limousine  LLC requires that affiliate limousine companies accepting a Bravo's reservation respond that they have received and accept the trip within one hour, and provide the trip rate and any attendant fees not included in the rate. Affiliate agrees to provide identity of driver, his/her cell phone number, type of car and license number. Affiliate agrees that driver will carry and/or display the downloadable BRAVO'S LIMOUSINE sign attached to the reservation email. Affiliate agrees to provide a clean, late model, premium vehicle in good working order and with the required insurance, registration and licensing. Driver must be duly licensed, in presentable attire, English-speaking and polite. In no case should the affiliate combine the Bravo's trip with any other trip/passenger than that reserved by Bravo's. Because the client is paying for the trip through Bravo's, no solicitation of payment will be made to the client by the affiliate service. Final and complete charges for each trip should be submitted to Bravo's no later than 24 hours after the completion of each trip, not weekly or monthly. The affiliate accepts that the passenger is a Bravo's client and agrees not to solicit business from the Bravo's client in any manner, including by handing out business cards.

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